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We are entering bleak days. The Covid-19 epidemic makes everything not only stagnant; the pace of life slows down but also makes the heads or the imagination more distant than ever. By the way, I just found a game that is too appropriate for the situation now, so I will introduce this amazing game for you to play with me. Okay, let’s find what’s in ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games MOD APK.

Introduce about ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

Extreme zombie war and building a military base, first seen in a zombie game


In 2023, the beautiful world we once knew is gone. Instead, it is a black planet, full of death because of a zombie pandemic. It is human who is the cause of everything. With bottomless greed and unpredictable tricks, we have poisoned our water, polluted the air, and created unpredictable viruses. To stop all these viruses from advancing further, Dr. Akasha of P.E.A.C.E Industries invented a vaccine named “Z”. The tragedy begins at this moment.

“The special formula underpinning the Z vaccine helps people live longer, immune to all viruses present in the world.” The above statement from the organization and the inventor has made everyone fall into a coma and scramble to get this magical vaccine. But in truth, it was all just a horrible lie.

In just two years, from 2025 to 2027, everyone who received the Z vaccine became a zombie. They scour everywhere, kill every living thing on this earth to satisfy their bloodlust. Blood is what they believe will help cleanse the body of all diseases.

Three years later, the whole world was engulfed in a sea of ​​blood. Everyone had turned into lifeless bloodthirsty corpses. Human civilization is engulfed in zombies, stinking and rotting. Earth and the blue planet are just a name in the past.

You are one of those people who, thanks to both luck and resilience, have survived to this day. With your team, you will fight the whole world now just wandering zombies and find the secret to disable the old evil vaccine, which started this terrible zombie pandemic.

ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games from publisher VNG Games, who is also the man behind several famous fighting games before such as Dead Target, Sniper Zombie, Dead Warfare, or Mad Zombie. But this time back, in the offline zombie fighting game ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games, the company has reached a new level. In the game, except for the third-person shooter mode to destroy a series of undead on the road, you and your teammates also can build strong bases to carry out a long war of resistance and find ways to find to save the Earth.

Now, let’s talk about shooting zombies first

To shoot and kill zombies in this game, you just simply select the gun, move back and forth, touch to move the target, tap the button with the gun icon to fire. The excitement of the battle process lies in the weapons that are equipped for the warrior. With the powerful weapons in hand, from sniper rifles, sniper rifles, cyber guns, pistols, bows, and even heavy machine guns… you will choose the weapon that suits the situation, distance, and number of zombies to take them down, as quickly as possible before they kill you.

Your aim is the zombies, any zombies found on the road, with top-notch headshots. Because hitting them does not mean that they are dead, only if you headshot them so that can hope to kill them completely.

Like other zombie games, the zombie hordes in ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games will become bolder over time. At first, they just went one by one, sluggish, unable to resist, waiting to be shot. But later on, they are faster, more responsive to your attacks, following in groups of dozens. There are even zombies who can jump high and suddenly jump at you when you are on the way. Some zombies have massive bodies, they don’t die when they shoot, but they keep moving, making it very difficult to want to headshot. Thus, the game with many types of zombies keeps continuing, never-ending.

Where they appear is also very different, from railroad tracks, schools, hospitals, shipyards, highways… Your mission is that no matter where you are, you must fight them, and be the one to survive to the end.

Build a military base

Having experience from games that have been made before, no matter how good the battle is. It just goes around shooting and killing zombies. This activity is excited and heart-pounding, but in the end, it’s just that. For players to have more things to do. More intense gameplay, and more realism (because if there is a zombie pandemic, survivors will probably do this), the producer has included a brand-new feature, very rare in high-quality zombie games. It is to build solid military bases.

The purpose, according to the manufacturer of the game, is to let the character have a good night’s sleep, restore energy after a long day of fighting zombies, and also have a solid base to make a front line and rear against zombies. So, they decided to build one and later a massive base system.

This is also the place where everyone’s daily activities take place: providing food, raw materials, and resources to make weapons such as metal, explosives, and ammunition. In general, everything is for the pandemic battle ahead.

The base can also easily provide players with a lot of food, materials, and equipment to serve the process of fighting and survival. Death can come to you at any time, so the base is the safest place to live. Get ready for every war in this game, fight for the survival and peace of the world.

MOD APK version of ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Resources

Download ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games APK & MOD for Android

This zombie shooting game can be played offline. Sso you can freely download and play without fear of depending on the wifi. And this is also the first zombie game. I know that combines both fierce third-person combat and a complex base-building system. Truly a lifetime experience.

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