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teen patti gold android download free for Android Are you feeling lucky Teen Patti Gold lets you enjoy this mode of poker native to India that basically
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Teen Patti is one of the most popular and engaging card game that is played in India. While it is not as popular as online rummy card games, it still has a huge target audience base. Teen Patti can be played with a minimum of three players at the table but there are no limits on the number of players who can play this exciting game.

This game has been around for years now and each day we see new players trying their luck to win some money or win at least one hand of teen patti. The rules are simple, easy to understand and fun to play with friends and family members. If you are looking for the best Teen patti game then look no further then teen patti gold by Octro Inc

Play Teen Patti LIVE with your friends and real players from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Teen Patti LIVE is a game that lets you play with real players and friends. You can also play with strangers and anyone in the world.

  • Play with Real Players
  • The Play with Your Friends
  • Play With Strangers

It is the only game to have its own 3D avatar customisation along with separate avatar customisation for your opponents.

You can also customize the avatars of your opponents. You will have access to a wide range of accessories and other items that you can use to make your opponent’s avatar look more unique. The same goes for friends, so if you want to give them a gift or make their avatar look like them, then you can do so with the help of this feature.

In addition to this, the game 3 patti queen download has separate avatar customisation options for both players as well as dealers and their assistants (if any).

You can now use your daily bonus to buy…

You can now use your daily bonus to buy:

  • Chips
  • Cards, and
  • Gold

Enhance your Teen Patti experience by purchasing chips.

It’s easy to get stuck with nothing but small change in your pocket, but luckily for you, there are ways to increase your chip supply. If you want to see what kind of bonus chips are available and how much they cost, head on over to the Chip Shop. Here you can purchase additional chips at any time or even gift them to your friends if they run out!

But how much do these chips cost? Well that depends on whether or not you’re playing on the app or via Facebook Messenger. On Facebook Messenger, for example:

  • Small Bonus: 2 Rupees
  • Medium Bonus: 5 Rupees
  • Large Bonus: 10 Rupees

Unlike other card games, the winning amount is displayed for each table in.

If you’re looking for the best Teen Patti game on the market, Teen Patti Gold is it. Not only does it have the best graphics and gameplay, but it also has the best avatars and music. And now with this latest update, you can be sure that when you play, there’s no way to lose!

If you’re still not convinced that Teen Patti Gold is the game for you, check out our winning amount:

If you are looking for the best Teen patti game then look no further then teen patti gold

Teen Patti Gold is the best teen patti game for both Android and iOS users. It’s a popular card game that originated in India, where it was played by the royal families. Nowadays, you can play Teen Patti on your phone or tablet and win big rewards!

The goal of Teen Patti Gold is to win as many hands as possible while playing against other players or the computer. You can either use your own cards or borrow them from other players to make up your hand. If you have three or more cards of the same rank, they’ll be converted into points which will help you earn money later on in the game.


Teen Patti Gold is a great game for those who want to play an online version of one of the most popular card games in India. It’s easy to learn how to play, and there are lots of different tables available where you can get start right away. The graphics are well-detail with high quality animations, but it’s important that players keep in mind that they’ll need a strong internet connection so they won’t have any problems loading the game or playing against others

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