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Intro about Otherworld Legends Apk

ChillyRoom is a games publisher known for 16-bit or HD graphics  action games. The first publish  is the Soul Action Games   Knight, which debuted in early 2017. Three years later, ChillyRoom continued to publish a new Action Game product called Otherworld Legends. Currently, the game has officially launched. Many players have experienced it and have left positive reviews Mostly game lover play this game eargly from the whole world as thy want to play this game.

The story of Otherworld Legends (Action game ) 2022  begins with the event that the villain Asurendra creates an illusionary world. Immediately after, he used his power to summon all the heroes from space and time gathered here.

Monsters, deadly traps are arranged everywhere. And behind all of that is a plot to dominate the dimensions of Asurendra’s dimensions, right after the heroes are destroyed.

You are one of those heroes, you soon become aware of that brutal conspiracy. You will have to stop it along with other heroes!

Otherworld Legends Apk Gameplay

The gameplay of Otherworld Legends  apk Action game is quite similar to Soul Knight. You control your character, go through trails and dungeons to defeat hordes of monsters.

Over time, the bosses of each stage will appear at the end. Overcoming them, you will be taken to the next stage, taking one more step out of the evil Asurendra’s illusory world.

Of course, the general process of the game will play out like that. But you know, the difficulty gradually increases with each level. Meanwhile, traps and supernatural elements will appear, attacking the character and injuring him. You will have to do many things to save your life, from choosing characters for each level, upgrading strength or replacing more powerful weapons.

Finally, about the series of missions. Otherworld Legends does not have as many NPCs as Soul Knight, but the game is built with a system of basic missions, closely attached to the plot. You just get to discover the content, and you get rewards every time you complete it. Interestingly, right?

Characters of Otherworld Legends  Apk 2022

Characters in Otherworld Legends Apk 2022 are an element that helps you win the confrontation. They come from different dimensions of space and time, so their abilities are truly unique and rich. The Characters of Otherworld Legends  Apk 2022 Collection includes warriors, knights, mages, ninjas, archers, up to magic masters. You should learn the strengths of each character, then choose the characters with the right ability to fight in each level.

MOD APK version of Otherworld Legends

MOD features

  1. Unlimited Soul Stone
  2. Unlimited Ruby
  3. Unlimited Sapphire
  4. Unlimited Weapon Enhancer Cards
  5. Unlimited Resurrection Cards
  6. Unlimited Hero Pieces
  7. Unlimited Skin Pieces
  8. Unlocked All Heroes (Exchange From Hero Pieces)
  9. Unlocked All Skins (Exchange From Skin Pieces)
  10. Unlocked All Skills
  11. Unlocked Club Membership

Download (تحميل)Otherworld Legends MOD APK for Android

Following Soul Knight APK for Android from graphics to gameplay, but Otherworld Legends Action Game still has its own identity with unique content and features. You can download the MOD APK 2022 version of this game on our website for some support features. Please leave a comment if you encounter problems using the MOD version, we will reply to you as soon as possible.



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