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Hundred Soul Mod Apk Unlimited Feature For Android
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About Hundred Soul Mod Apk 
Category Action/Adventure
Language English

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Author HOUND 13
Downloads 10,398
Date Apr 8th, 2022
Version 0.135.0

Hundred Soul Mod Apk is an ARPG that gives you the chance to participate in spectacular battles. Where you’ll face hundreds of enemies. This anime-style ARPG offers a vibrant combat system that resembles popular Hack and Slash games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

After you create your character with the game’s extensive editor, your adventure in Hundred Soul: The Last Savior will begin. Hundred Soul Mod Apk Unlimited Feature For Android Once again, you’re humanity’s last hope.  Charged with the task of saving a world that’s teetering on the edge of total destruction. You won’t be alone as you complete this job of epic proportions, though – you’ll get to recruit all sorts of characters along the way.

The combats in Hundred Soul are the heart of the game, and the fantastic 3D settings are proof of that. The controls are typical for the genre: you have a virtual joystick on the left to move around and attack buttons on the right. One of the coolest things about this game is its combined attack system, since you have to first weaken the most powerful enemies in order to really hurt them.

You have endless gear available in the game and the right choice of weapon can mean the difference between victory or defeat. Each one has specific features that will let you inflict more or less harm depending on which enemy you’re facing. The same goes for your comrades: depending on the type of enemy you face, you’ll have to use the one that serves you best. This means choosing ones that attack from a distance, the ones stronger in hand-to-hand combat, the classic tanks that can withstand excessive enemy attacks, etc.

Hundred Soul is one of the best third-person action games available on Android. It’s a title that uses your phone’s resources to offer sensational action-packed combats. There are multiple game modes, a campaign mode that’s as long as it is thrilling, and tons of unlockable content to discover.

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